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Glebe Field, High Cross How to keep updated regarding this proposed development

Glebe Field, High Cross  How to keep updated regarding this proposed development

As recently posted, the developer who has previously sought to build on The Glebe Field but was ultimately refused on appeal has developed a new proposal and is seeking to engage with the Parish Council. This is a rapidly changing situation and the Parish Council can not rely on its normal method of communicating with High Cross residents through leaflet drops (as made clear by Dr. Mark Ansell, Director of Public Health due to the current COVID-19 crisis).

If you live in High Cross and would like to be kept up to date by e-mail with regard to this potential development, please send an e-mail to the clerk at the following address:

Please confirm in your e-mail that you are happy to receive e-mails from the Parish Council and supply your email address (or addresses) along with your name, address and post code. The Parish Council will securely retain this data exclusively for its own use and will not share this data outside of the Parish Council.

To stop receiving these e-mails, please again contact requesting to be removed from the list.


As you may well know, the previous scheme submitted to build on the Glebe Field, North Drive, High Cross was rejected (following an appeal) by The Planning Inspectorate. Despite this, over the past few weeks there have been some developments with the Glebe Field. The Parish Council has been made aware that the developers have worked up a new proposal to build on the field. This time, the proposal is to build 9 houses positioned in such a way as to retain the views of The Rectory and The Church across the field from North Drive.

As you will likely also be aware, the Glebe Field features in the Thundridge Neighbourhood Plan which is presently well into its examination phase. Until the examination phase is completed, the Parish Council will continue to support the Neighbourhood Plan in its entirety. Accordingly, we have requested that the developers respect this and wait until the Neighbourhood Plan's examination is complete. Upon the completion of the examination, we would then invite the developers to present their plans to the full Parish Council so that we can have an interactive discussion on the plans including proposals to potentially hand the remaining green space in the field over to the Parish Council thereby making it available for public use. We anticipate needing to clarify many points.

After the developers have discussed the plans with the Parish Council, the Parish Council will need to seek input from High Cross to determine local support for the scheme or otherwise. This will determine the stance to be adopted by the Parish Council (much as we have historically done over the last 5 years when new developments have been proposed).

We appreciate that the current COVID-19 situation may make some of the above steps a bit more difficult logistically, but this will be overcome such that the usual process can be undertaken. The Parish Council is keen to ensure that the steps above are followed and we are hopeful that the developer will act in accordance with our request on timing such that the opinion of the village can be sought in an appropriate manner and adopted by the Parish Council.

Posted: Fri, 24 Apr 2020 01:15 by Steve Bosson

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